«The reason is very surprising»: there was a time when Emma and Rupert decided not to act in «Harry Potter»

However, fame at a young age has a huge number of disadvantages.🧐🤔🤔

The guys in the lead roles of the popular «Harry Potter» have become world-famous stars. They certainly have a lot of fans.

It seems to everyone that when people become famous at a young age, it only has pluses, but it’s not so famous at that age, and it has a lot of minuses.

The performer of the role of Harry Potter for several years refused to act in films. It turned out that Rupert and Emma also refused to act.

As it turned out, Emma’s diary in those years was filled with messages about loneliness.

«I was scared then. I don’t know if Rupert felt it or not», she said.

Rupert said that he had similar experiences: «I felt what she felt and I constantly thought to quit everything and refuse to act in the film. But we never talked about it to each other, we didn’t feel like we were all going through the same thing».

According to the director, it was confirmed that Emma Watson really decided not to act in films anymore.

«Many people who worked on the set said that Emma had serious doubts and did not yet know whether to return to projects or not», he said.

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