Size Doesn’t Define Personality: The Surprising Kindness of a Massive, Sensible Cat

Despite the huge size, the cute kitten has a sensitive soul.🤗

This cat is 2 years old but is very huge and weighs 28 pounds. These cats can weigh 18 pounds but this cat is unique and grows very fast. He will weigh much more at 3-4 years old.

According to the owner of the cat, she could not even imagine that the cat would grow so much and could be so gigantic.

For the owner, this is all normal. She loves her cat very much and takes care of him. Despite his size, the cat is very sensitive, he is a very smart and handsome boy.

The owner didn’t even think that in 2 years the kitten would be so huge and become the biggest cat in the world.

The owner said that it could be scary, but he is a very kind and modest cat. He feels the whole vibe of the area. According to the hostess, he is the kindest giant, he never screams and doesn’t even hurt furniture.

They don’t even believe that this cat can have a good character. When people meet this cat they think that this is not a cat but a huge dog.

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