«Finally she shared her emotions»: Nicole Kidman about her depression after breaking up with Tom Cruise

At first, the actors became one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood.🧐

All the fans were delighted when Nicole Kidman married Tom Cruise in 1990. They became a wonderful couple.

They are a very attractive Hollywood couple. But their happiness didn’t last long. Their relationships had problems during the filming of «Eyes Wide Shut».

Nicole said that the divorce for her was just a shock. After that, she began working on the TV series «The Hours».

Beautiful Star won a Golden Globe for Best Actress. However, this film was a real test for her.

She decided to talk about it years later. «It seems to me that I did not think about the danger that was real. But now I understand very well that I just put the stones in my pocket and went into the river», she said during an interview.

«Of course, I was not in good condition, however, the personality of my role passed through me. The director perfectly understood what state I was in, and therefore was very gentle with me», she said.

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