«It seems fans are already accusing Leonardo DiCaprio»: what the actor said in public does not correspond to reality

This time Leonardo DiCaprio himself ennobled the ground for ridicule.🧐🤔

It’s no secret that every month there are new reasons for jokes about Hollywood actor 48-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor is a well-known environmental activist who donates a lot of dollars and saves nature.

He speaks at summits where he always says that people should save the world and start even with small things. But he is in no hurry to follow his own instructions.

Recently he was noticed at the airport. He flew there on a business jet and walked in very high spirits.

This is not the first time people notice him for such luxury. Everyone knows that these private jets emit carbon 37 times more than ordinary passenger planes.

So this way he does not follow his own instructions at all. In 2016, the actors were photographed in a private airport.

Leonardo DiCaprio needs to stop because now environmentalists not only write some posts on social networks, but his case can be very serious and even reach huge problems.

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