«Incredible house of the Chinese»: a man who poorly built for himself a house that he carries on his shoulders

His story is a vivid example of the fact that you can find a way out of any situation.🧐😳

In life, there are, of course, very difficult moments, but a person can find a way out of any situation. This man lives in China, he is a poor man and lost his job.

Because of the loss of his job, he left the rented apartment because he could not pay the rent.

In general, when people find themselves in difficult situations, they are able to do everything possible to live on. The story of this man is a vivid example of the fact that everyone can do everything.

The man was on the street and was completely lonely he had no family, no relatives, and no friends who could help him.

This man decided not to give up and wanted to get out of a difficult situation, he built an unusual portable house from bamboo and garbage that he found on the street. His house seemed to be a roof for him, like, for example, a turtle.

The bamboo made the structure very durable and the packages that he found did not allow the wind to go inside. Despite the size of the house was very light and he was able to carry the house with him anywhere if necessary.

According to him, he still cannot afford good housing for himself, so he is even glad that he has such a house.

Of course, he learned to overcome up to 10 km, which helps him in finding a job. He does everything to live better.

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