Frozen in Time: The Struggles of a 22-Year-Old Girl Who Physically Looks Like a Child

With a growth of just over a meter, the girl looks like a real baby.🧐🥹

Meet a girl whose name is Shauna is 22 years old. Although whoever sees her does not believe her age. The girl has the body of an eight-year-old child.

Her height is a little over a meter and she is like a child.

In her childhood, she had health problems. She was constantly treated and it seemed that the problem was solved. But at some point, she stopped growing up.

«In normal people, everything usually develops. But everything stopped for me. I will never grow up and will always look like a baby», she says.

Of course, it’s hard to live like this. She can’t even go to the gym on her own, she feels uncomfortable in restaurants.

People who don’t understand what is happening to her immediately want to know where her parents are, thinking that she is a child. Even her parents still can’t treat her like an adult girl.

«My parents are very worried about me. So when I go for a walk they always ask me a lot of questions, where I go, what I will do», she said

The girl’s mother understands that everything is difficult but she also understands that it’s time to leave the girl alone.

But along with this, of course, she is the mother of the girl and worried when the girl feels bad.

Who will protect the daughter who physically looks like an 8-year-old child?

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