«Five generations meet»: this is a 105-year-old elderly woman who finally saw her great-great-granddaughter

Sometimes unfortunately we miss the opportunity to see distant relatives.🥹🥰

In our times, all people are so busy with different things that sometimes they forget that they have to spend time with their loved ones. They forget that they have relatives who are really important to them.

Of course, the most important thing in life is a good relationship between family members. Finally, a family is those people who are always next to each other in all circumstances.

But unfortunately, it happens that people miss the opportunity to communicate with their relatives. Grandmother who is called Annie is 105 years old and on her birthday five generations visited her to please her.

Grandmother was born in a period when there was segregation throughout the world

According to her, she saw several times how the whole world is changing.

Of course, little Olivia grows up in such a world that differs from the previous one that her grandmother saw.

The obvious reason is that the grandmother is 105 years old but the baby has just been born.

«I want the girl to live in a loving family», said the woman

Annie is sure that years later the girl will understand how wonderful it was that she met her great-great-grandmother.

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