Kelly Clarkson’s Heartfelt Revelation: The Real Motivation Behind Relocating Her Talk Show

This is the reason why Clarkson is moving her show.🧐

Clarkson is moving her talk show with the same name as her to NYC so that she can be closer to her family.

The news that the show will be moved from LA to NYC first broke at the beginning of May and now she has revealed the reason for her decision.

Speaking with TalkShopLive, Clarkson said that she revealed the transfer to her team back in January.

She told the producers either she is moving to East Coast or she is not doing the show anymore.

She revealed that when COVID happened during the pandemic she had an epiphany that being isolated and far away from family is not good for anyone.

She said that her family is from North Carolina and that there were a lot of personal things going on.

Clarkson asked NBC to pick her show up so that she could transfer to NYC and be closer to her family.

An NBCUniversal spokesman confirmed to ET earlier this month that her show will be moving to NBC this autumn.

Since its premiere in 2019, the show aired in the studious on the Universal City lot in Los Angeles. The show has received a renewal until 2025.

After the news of the relocation broke, Rolling Stone published an article in which 11 current and former employees of talk show program alleged that the show is “a toxic work environment.”

Clarkson responded to the article by posting on Instagram.


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