«Actress surprised fans»: the beauty Salma Hayek finally revealed the secret of her eternal youth

As it turned out, the actress uses some mysterious means.😍

Forever beautiful fifty-six-year-old Salma Hayek has finally revealed the secret of how she takes care of her skin and how she manages to look great.

For the past 8 years, the actress has been using the mysterious remedy to keep her skin. It is a natural ingredient that people do from a plant that grows in Mexico.

The actress spoke about this during an interview. In 2015 Salma announced that she uses an ingredient that is made from the bark of a fern tree to get this medicine. They turned it into a powder that is added to creams and other cosmetics which is a hit for Mexicans.

«In Mexico, everyone always uses this remedy. It even heals burns and quickly regenerates the skin. In the USA, they almost don’t know about it until now», the actress said.

Thanks to this remedy, the actress was able to maintain her eternal youth and looks great.

According to the star, this has a beneficial effect on the hair and this is a magical remedy. We can appreciate it by seeing the skin and beauty of Salma. She looks very young, especially in the latest released film.

In the film, when she appears next to the 42-year-old Channing Tatum, she looks even younger than the actor. It is not surprising that she kept this remedy a secret, but it is largely thanks to this that she still manages to maintain her young appearance.

She is very beloved by her husband. At 41 years old she gave birth to a daughter Valentina. After 2 years she became the legal wife of her daughter’s father.

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