«Actress is proud of her position»: the beautiful pregnant Lindsay Lohan showed how her figure has changed

She shared a new photo in stories on her personal account on social networks.🧐

Fans recently found out that 35-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan is pregnant. She pleased all her fans with this news.

She shared a photo on social networks. Her belly was not so small so it was immediately obvious that she was pregnant.

Lindsey is proud of her position and she is very glad that she will soon become a mother. New photo she shared in stories on her personal account. She wore a tight pale green dress, which very well emphasized her pregnancy.

She announced her pregnancy in March. For this, the actress chose a very interesting way.

She posted a photo with the caption «soon». A week ago future mom made a big celebration for her pregnancy. She flew from the Emirates to the USA and gathered all her family and friends and had a fun weekend.

The actress moved to Dubai in 2019 and met her future husband there. Her husband is a millionaire financier Bader Shammas.

Their love story remained a mystery until 2021 when the star immediately announced her engagement.

Already in 2022 they got married and were in the spotlight.

Before marriage, Lindsay had a scandalous reputation. She was known for her love of wildlife and was always at parties. She had a lot of scandals in her life. In 2016 she was engaged. In 2019 she was in a relationship with the married prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman.

But these stories are already in the past and now she lives happily and is waiting for her baby.

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