«Fans began to wonder what happened to her»: Kim Kardashian could not stand her tears on the air of the show

Neither party has given an official reason for the incident.🧐

When there was information that Pete Davidson was in a relationship with Kim Kardashian, all the fans thought that their relationship was quite serious.

The couple who was friends for a long time appears regularly in public.

At the Met Gala, they didn’t even hide their feelings for each other. All the fans were sure that Kim was finally happy in her personal life.

Unfortunately, she soon broke up. But officially no one spoke about the reason. Kim Kardashian tried to never mention the name of Pete.

After the release of the trailer for the season of the reality show about the TV family, the breakup seems to have hit the Kardashian.

The video clearly shows how Kim Kardashian is crying on the shoulder of her sister Chloe. It is not yet known, of course, what exactly brought Kim to such tears, but before that, the producers talked to her about Pete.

«Things change quickly, of course», Kim said, after which there was a moment when she entered the room where her sister was waiting for her.

«Are you okay?», Chloe asked. In response, she began to cry.

«I’m certainly not fine, I’m having a really hard day», Kim explained.

Well, of course, the reasons for the tears are not only in the former couple but also in the ex-husband.

«Of course, you cannot understand anything now, the whole world seems to be on your shoulders», said Chris Jenner.

«He invented this story himself. I can’t even answer anything because I’m worried about my kids», said Kardashian.

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