«Angelina Jolie’s son is already an adult handsome boy»: handsome Maddox was seen during a public appearance

Thanks to the photos that appeared, everyone could see how he looks now.🥰

Recently, the beautiful Angelina Jolie appeared in public. To the delight of her fans, she was with her eldest son Maddox. He has already become an adult guy.

Thanks to the photos, fans were able to see what Angelina Jolie’s 21-year-old son looks like. The pictures of Jolie and her son were taken in Washington and they received an invitation to a banquet at the White House.

In the past, the actress has visited the country many times on various issues, for her humanitarian causes.

For the son of Angelina, the country of Korea plays a very important role in life. This is because he has been studying in Seoul for 4 years.

According to the fans, Maddox has matured and looked prettier. He looked elegant in formal clothes. He was wearing a white shirt, tight trousers, and a black jacket. Angelina Jolie was dressed from head to toe in a white outfit.

The eldest son was adopted in Cambodia In 2002. He visited South Korea for the first time with his mother in 2018 and continued his studies there after graduation.

According to the beautiful actress, several universities were willing to accept him but he chose Yonsei.

Maddox left his mother’s house in 2019. He moved to Seoul to study there. Then a year later he returned home and because of the pandemic, he studied remotely.

Now he is happy to reunite with a mother whom he has not seen for a long time.

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