«Star was forced to leave the party»: suddenly Kylie Jenner was not allowed to Met Gala 2023 party

As it became known, the reality show star was not allowed to the party itself.🧐

It’s no secret that Met Costume Institute Gala will be remembered for the unique, interesting outfits of celebrities. They put on revealing outfits that conquered millions of their fans.

Kylie Jenner has always loved spicy outfits and this time she looked very modest.

However, the journalists found out that the reporters did not let her go to the party. The reporters saw Kylie leaving the party.

«Jenner couldn’t get inside. She wasn’t allowed into the party, the doors were just closed in front of her», the reporters said.

Other sources said that Kylie was just gorgeous at the party. She came early and no one was ready for it.

Jenner wanted to be escorted to her sister Kendall. She was at a party with her lover. However, they were there earlier and were in the spotlight.

«Kylie got out of the car before she was supposed to. She really didn’t want to stay at such a crowded party because Kylie doesn’t like clubs», insiders said.

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