«Singer’s tastes have not changed at all»: Madonna has publicly shown that she has a new young boyfriend

Madonna, along with her young lover, attended a musical event.🧐🧐

Beautiful star Madonna is not always in public with her boyfriends who are always younger than her.

The star was at a concert with her lover, who, at the age of 29. She posted pictures on social networks.

Madonna and her lover were at a concert by the Labèque sisters. The singer preferred candid images, but she dressed as if in a school uniform this time.

Madonna put on a modest white blouse with black trousers. She braided her hair in pigtails. Fans liked this image because she looked younger.

After the divorce, the singer seems to choose lovers for herself only up to 35 years old.

Last year she broke up with her young boyfriend who was 28 years old then broke up with another who was 23 years old. Of course, she wanted to look like her young lovers.

Some fans are still not sure that the singer has a serious relationship with this boyfriend. They say that their love story is only PR.

She decided to «take patronage». This does not rule out the possibility of their romance.

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