«She is in a dress that wore 19 years ago»: the beautiful Nicole Kidman was on the red carpet in a charming dress

She made quite a splash before she showed up at the event.😍

It’s no secret that in New York I passed the Met Gala 2023, which was attended by almost all the celebrities in beautiful outfits.

The stars were on the red carpet in glamorous outfits. Some were dressed in archival Chanel outfits.

55-year-old Nicole Kidman was no exception, she captivated fans even before the event.

The actress chose for herself a very delicate dress that she wore in 2004. By the way, despite the fact that 20 years have passed since the release of the advertisement, the outfit was very attractive.

The difference was only in the beautiful image. She is really gorgeous.

The actress opted for a simple hairstyle. Her hair was tied back. «Nicole looks amazing even 20 years later», «She’s just gorgeous», and «Her beauty wins hearts,» said fans.

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