When Nature Extends a Helping Hand: The Heartwarming Encounter Between an Orangutan and a Man

Even a wild orangutan helps a man who is in need.🥹🥹
A photojournalist, Prabhakar has long believed in the power of photography to evoke different feelings. According to his concept, each image expresses a meaning. And according to The Dodo. “I’m more concerned about trying to convey a mood that I can understand.”

Prabhakar started cooperating with Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation after learning of the animal predicament.
While walking through the forest, Prabhakar noticed a man entering a small river. When asked about the man’s proximity to the orangutan’s habitat, the guards said they had seen a snake nearby.

According to Prabhakar, they must take care of these items because poisonous snakes are harmful to orangutans. As a result, the man began to clean the bushes along the river, but his feet kept getting stuck in the mud, and he started moving slowly.
It was difficult for the man to lift his legs and Prabhakar was not the only one who was bothered by this. A female orangutan was watching this.
According to Prabhakar, the orangutan sat down and began to study what the other person was doing as he approached the river bank. The orangutan offered to lift the man out of the mud for three minutes, but the man ignored him and continued on his way.

When Prabhakar returned to shore, he asked that man about orangutan offering help. He explained that he only served as a “lifeguard” and that he was not allowed to touch with wild animals.
Prabhakar thinks there is a profound lesson here for us.


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