«She seems madly in love»: Taylor Swift even met the mother of her lover from a famous group

Judging by everything that happened, this is another reunion.🧐

There were rumors on the Internet that Taylor Swift broke up with Joe Alwyn and feels very good with Formula 1 pilot.

According to the journalist, in fact, the star began dating another artist Matthew Healy. The news was confirmed that they are in love and feel very good together.

Their relationship is just starting and it seems everything is serious. Taylor and Matthew met many years ago and even wanted to start their relationship but it didn’t happen. Judging by this, they will have a reunion.

The fans are disappointed that insiders say that they have been dating for a couple of months although the breakup with Joe Alwyn became known in April.

«Matthew had nothing to do with their breakup. Joe and Taylor broke up in February», the source said.

The singer and musician are rapidly developing their relationship and Swift even already know Healy’s mother. It seems that they will publicly announce about their relationship.

«They miss each other a lot looking forward to a real meeting», says the source.

According to him, Swift does not want to hide her relationship with him. All fans are looking forward to when they will publicly say that they are together. Fans hope that Taylor will be happy this time.

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