«He wanted to avoid scandal»: Harry Styles did not come to the Met Gala 2023 because of Emily and Olivia

The presence of Olivia and Emily influenced the artist’s decision.🧐🧐

It is known that one of the main fashion events Met Gala 2023 was recently held in New York. There were a lot of celebrities there.

Harry Styles fans immediately noticed that he was not at the event but he never missed gala concert. But this time he was absent.

Then Internet users claimed that he simply did not want to see his ex-lover Olivia Wilde. After breaking up, they did not see each other.

But it was not the only reason for his absence. Emily Rotajkowski was also there so this influenced his decision.

«Of course, he was invited to the event, but when he found out that his former lovers were there and decided not to come», said insiders.

The organizers claimed that Harry would not meet with Emily and Olivia in any way. They would do everything to prevent this from happening. But something probably did not calm the artist.

«He just decided not to risk. He thought that it was better not to come to the event».

According to an insider he was not ready to meet Wilde now. It is interesting that Emily and Olivia, who were at the event, did not show any signs of hostility towards each other.

Moreover, after the event they went to the same party. So Harry was needlessly worried. Although we can understand why he did not want to see them.

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