«Emma Watson revealed the secret»: the star said that she did not have the right to vote

She felt unhappy because the directors didn’t take into account her vision.🧐

Of course, the fate of the main characters from different films will always turn out differently.

It seems Emma Watson’s critics predicted a successful career for her and she remained behind the scenes.

The last film of the actress is «Little Women». This film was successful and won an Oscar. But everything already affected the mood of the star, she felt unhappy because the directors did not take into account her visions of heroines.

«I was like in a locked cage every time. When I was asked what I think about my roles I didn’t know what to say to them because it was very difficult to promote a project for which I did not have the right to vote», the star explained.

The actress said: «If I am criticized I can say without hatred that I failed and that was my decision».

She decided to play only in those films that will open her potential. In her free time she will do what she wants.

«I was always told to produce even when I filmed for «Harry Potter», the actress said. And then she added that she works under a clip for a famous musician.

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