A Unique Wildlife Experience: South Africa’s Reverse Zoo Leaves Visitors in Awe

Reverse Zoo in South Africa is a complete success.😊😳

The GG Conservation Lion Sanctuary, which is in South Africa, offers visitors the one and only chance to watch lions from too close, while ensuring complete safety. The Sanctuary accomplishes this by placing humans in metal cages located at the heart of the lion pride. Any of the park’s 77 lions are free to approach these specially designed “bipedal exhibits”.

The nearly 1,000-hectare private sanctuary in Harrissmith City is dedicated to the love, protection, and conservation of these lions. The first lions were brought into the collection in 2002, and in 2015 the reserve was registered as a non-profit environmental organization. The attraction “people in a cage” has been performing for already 2 years.

The cost of this extraordinary experience is 2,000 rubles for one person or 3,000 rubles for two, which is equivalent to nearly 150US dollars. Participants spend 45 minutes in a cage, and the proceeds go to rescue lions in difficult situations around the world. The park itself is funded by donations.

Each cage can place up to three people, and the safety is ensured every time by engineers. Remarkably, there have been no accidents so far. In addition, attentive employees are always nearby during photo shoots.

Encounters are enthusiastically praised by visitors as the lions approach the cages from time to time in an attempt to interact with the intrigued spectators. However, the gap between the bars does not allow predators to enter the cage. This experience also enriches the lions, allowing them to explore new scents and watch new guests in their territory.


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