When Predator Meets Transport: The Unconventional Interaction of a Woodpecker and a Weasel

It is likely that one of them can become a delicious lunch for another.🤗

This is a real fantasy scene. Some people might think that this is a picture of the result of Photoshop but it is quite a reality. This is a real case.

In the photo you can clearly see how baby weasel fly on the back of a real woodpecker. This incident happened in England. The photographer was able to take this rare picture while walking in the park.

Although many people might think that we will imagine a beautiful friendship of woodpecker and weasel but it’s not that case.

It is quite possible that one of them can be a good lunch for the other. Usually weasels are unique and cute animals but they are not innocent. They know how to destroy nests. In fact, they can eat eggs that belong to different species of animals, even they eat helpless lonely chickens. They also eat a completely healthy and adult bird.

So we cannot understand what happened between the woodpecker and the weasel that this bird is carrying this predator with him.

The photographer claims that on this day he went to photograph the woodpecker and as soon as he prepared the camera, the bird suddenly flew out of the grass carrying a weasel on his back.

It’s really fantastic, right?

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