«She is beautiful even without makeup»: 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez showed herself without makeup to her fans

The beautiful star showed her face without any makeup.😍

Jennifer Lopez, like all other celebrities, also post photos with photoshop but she is far from the Kardashian family. Fans of course, fans are used to seeing Jennifer Lopez in full beautiful form.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez posted photos on social networks and showed how she prepares for everyday natural makeup. That is, she showed herself completely without makeup.

She prepared herself in several stages. First applied serum, then a nourishing booster cream for skin and highlighter.

Jennifer Lopez has a lot of subscribers and everyone was just surprised to see her beauty and immediately wrote compliments to her.

However, some subscribers thought that she was using different filters. «Stop using filters. Show your real face. We love you very much, but of course we want you to be honest with us», writes one of the subscribers.

«Why do you use so many filters? If you are already old it’s normal, you are beautiful anyway», said the second.

It’s no secret that on the Internet no one can please everyone because there are people who like something and there are some who don’t like it at all. Jennifer Lopez’s video also was in the center of attention and caused a lot of controversy.

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