«61-year-old star has changed a lot»: the star showed herself after plastic surgery after 6 months

Her angelic appearance captivated both men and women.🧐

The well-known actress Meg Ryan is a very famous and beautiful woman. Everyone recognized her from various popular films. Her beauty attracted not only men but also women.

She did not have perfect beauty but she was so sweet and so smiling that she always evoked positive emotions.

Like many other Hollywood stars’ work depends on their appearance Ryan could not accept her old age for almost 15 years she did plastic surgery.

Her appearance now proves that money does not solve the problem and does not guarantee a successful outcome.

She showed the result of her plastic surgery in 2013. All the fans were surprised seeing her appearance, which was like the mask.

The surgeon did a lot of Botox, filler and did unsuitable rhinoplasty at all.

The actress has always tried to correct this result of plastic surgery. She appeared at an event in New York.

She was at an event to support her good friend. That day was the premiere of a movie in which her friend starred. He talks about his life and plays himself.

Ryan very rarely appears in public but she came to the event for the first time for the last six months. It was the rehabilitation period of her operation.

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