«No one could have thought that he was such a man»: Jennifer Lopez about the confession about her husband Ben Affleck

They not only share one heart but also help each other in their work.🧐

When the fans found out that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had reunited they were very happy. Their reunion became the main event in the last few years.

They lived without each other for about 20 years but then realized that they could not live separately. And how not to believe in love after this?

Now Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck live happily. They always help each other. Recently, Jennifer starred in a blockbuster named «Mother». This story is about a killer who was forced to leave her daughter to save her life. Now she is giving interviews to reporters.

She admitted that her husband was the first person who saw the original version of the picture.

«I showed my husband because he’s very knowledgeable about these things», Lopez said.

«I suggested to my husband to watch the film with me or wait for the result but he decided to watch with me. He is a very insightful person and is very good with characters and stories», said the star.

Of course, it’s understandable why Jennifer wants to consult with her husband because Ben is an excellent screenwriter, he wrote the script for the movie «Good Will Hunting» and «Argo».

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