«News for Robert De Niro fans»: the star announced his daughter’s name and showed a beautiful photo

Despite the fact that he is already a dad, he was waiting for his daughter.🤗

Everyone knows very well 79-year-old star Robert De Niro. He is already the father of 7 children.

At first, it was not known who the mother of the child was. His fans were very interested in the star life.

Later, he revealed all the secrets. He divorced his second wife 20 years later in 2018. The paparazzi spotted the actor several times walking with Tiffany Chen with whom he worked in 2015, but they never showed serious signs.

Despite the fact that the famous actor has already been a dad six times, he was looking forward to the birth of his daughter.

The daughter was born at 3.7 kg. She was given the name Gia Virginia Chen. She was born on April 6th.

It’s incredible that the difference between the older and younger children of a famous actor is 51 years. It’s like a real movie.

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