«Name of the boy is became known»: fans found out how strange the name of the son of Rihanna and ASAP Rocky

Fans wondered for a year what name Rihanna gave her child.🤔

All the fans were immediately delighted when they found out that the 35-year-old Rihanna is pregnant. After a year the birth of the singer’s son, the fans finally found out the name of her child.

Well, Rihanna didn’t really say anything about the name of the child. The fans knew about it because Daily Mail had received a copy of the baby’s birth certificate.

The fans all year wanted to know the name of the child, but then they were delighted to finally find out this secret.

According to the document, the boy was named RZA Athelstan. The second name of the baby is of course not difficult to explain, he got it in honor of his father ASAP Rocky.

It is still unknown why Rihanna decided to name her son in this way.  She will not be seen in friendship with Diggs and was not his fan.

She has worn Wu-Tang-Clan clothing several times. She didn’t even tell me how to pronounce the baby’s name.

Judging by the first, it seems that the second child will be a secret.

The star will actually give birth to their child, but none of the fans even know the gender of the future newborn baby.

Some fans believe that she is expecting a girl. Recently photos appeared on the Internet in which she chooses children’s clothes in the store and prefers pink.

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