«Rare footage surprised fans»: Jacob Elordi and his lover were spotted by paparazzi while walking

The lovers did not appear together in public and openly show their feelings.🤔🤗

Not everyone knows that the heart of one of the young handsome stars is already taken. Jacob Elordi already has a sweetheart that not many people know about.

Jacob has been dating Olivia Jade for more than a year. Last summer, everyone thought that they would break up, but they kept their relationships.

The lovers did not appear in public and show their feelings.

This has caused fans to not understand whether they love each other, they are together or not.

They very rarely go for a walk and attract the attention of the paparazzi.

Recently the star with his sweetheart was seen during a walk. They managed to capture them in the parking lot. Jacob and Olivia were talking about something to each other and kept their distance.

The photos show that there are no kisses and seductive poses. Only he modestly hugged the girl’s shoulder.

By the way, it turned out that he was pursued not only by paparazzi but also by stalkers. He said that he was followed by a man who caught him with an unexpected confession.

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