«Quarrel in a beautiful family»: fans suspected of bad relations in the Family of Jennifer and Affleck

This conclusion the fans of the singer came after a quarrel between the spouses.🤔🤔

Recently, a video appeared on the network showing how Jennifer Lopez was with her husband Ben Affleck, but this time they surprised fans.

Fans are sure that the beautiful relationship that was between Lopez and Affleck is already in the past.  They are sure that their fate is a big question and they can break up.

The fans came to this conclusion after they saw the public quarrel between the spouses.

A witness captured that moment of Ben and Jennifer’s walk. When they got into the car both looked very angry and even they did not want to look at each other. As Lopez got into the car, Affleck angrily slammed the door.

Of course, such a moment could be an accident, but the fact is that this is not the only case.

Recently, when the couple was together at the premiere of the new film where Jennifer participated, they publicly quarreled.

Numerous photos of them show that when Ben is with Jennifer, he always looks unhappy.

During the famous scene at the Grammy Awards, Ben was very bored and unhappy. Jennifer tried to hide her husband’s behavior and publicly joked about it.

She posted photos after the ceremony and signed: ” My husband’s happy face”.

It hadn’t even been a year since Affleck and Lopez became legal spouses. For the first time, they were in a relationship at the beginning of the 2000s and got married in 2022. It seemed that they were a wonderful couple and they would succeed.

However, now it seems that Jennifer, who has this fourth marriage, simply cannot be happy in her personal life.

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