«He is forbidden to fly»: Enrique Iglesias decided to cancel the concerts because he has health problems

Due to health problems, the musician had to give up concerts.🧐🥺

Almost everyone knows the famous musician, singer Enrique Iglesias. Recently he said that he had serious health problems and for these problems, he refused his performances.

The singer announced that he was canceling the upcoming concerts. The reason for this was a health problem, he had pneumonia.

The doctors said that he should be on full rest and stay close to his loved ones. Enrique told this all before the concert in Mexico

«I have to cancel the concert in Mexico. I have health problems, I have pneumonia and the doctors forbade me to fly. I’m very sorry that I’m canceling a concert that is very important to me», said Enrique.

He hopes that he will recover quickly and then continue his performance. «I apologize and give a big hug to each of you my fans», he said.

He feels great in a relationship with tennis player Anna Kournikova. They have three children, they are raising them. Fans are not very sure about their relationship.

There are rumors about their wedding, then about their separation. During one of his concerts, he kissed a female fan and it surprised everyone.

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