«She surprised all her fans»: Blake Lively was in a new image and surprised even the most devoted fans

Some did not immediately recognize their favorite actress after the transformation.🧐

Once again the famous star actress Blake Lively appeared in the shooting.

The star did not appear on the screens for 3 years but decided to reappear on the set and this time she appeared in a new image.

Blake changed her hair color and fans don’t seem to like this transformation.

Fans commented under the photos: «Red hair doesn’t suit her at all», «How awful she looks in this hair color», «She doesn’t look like herself at all», and «She is very attractive, but not very red hair».

Some fans even said that in these photos she is not as slim as on her personal account. «She seems to be slim and fit, what happened to her», and «The photos are not at all like the ones she posts on her social networks».

Some fans wrote that the star just had a baby and is back to work, it’s all great.

They admire the fact that Blake gave birth to her four children herself and never turned into a surrogate mother.

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