«Paparazzi noticed their children»: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’s daughters are similar to their mother

However, in a small town, Eva and Ryan can not hide from the paparazzi.🥰

One of the most revealing but very secretive Hollywood couples is Eva Mendes and Ryan Goslick.

They started their relationship in 2011 and 3 years later their first girl was born and then in 2016 the second girl.

Now they are raising their children and very rarely agree to appear on the screens. But after that, the stars moved from noisy Los Angeles to a small beach town. Even in this small town, they can’t hide from the order.

Recently, the paparazzi noticed Gosling with their daughters.

This time the girls’ faces were covered with masks but not very much. And then the fans were able to see their faces.

Babies grow up as copies of their mothers. It seems you can see who won the genetic struggle.

During a walk they entered the store where they chose indoor plants, after that the family went for ice cream.

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