«Incredible similarity surprised everyone»: Charlize Theron posted photos with her mother and children

Theron posted several pictures with her mother and children.🥰🧐

Sweet lovely 46-year-old star Charlize Theron does not often post family photos on social networks.

She always shows footage from filming or advertising campaigns on her account.

But on January 27 she posted family pictures. Charlize’s mother celebrated her birthday and she posted pictures with her mother, one of which attracted the attention of subscribers.

A relative of the star was with her children.

«Today is my mom’s birthday. I want to share photos because some people know her personally and some people will just admire my mom. She is my whole life. She is a great tennis player, golfer, and tourist», she wrote.

All subscribers congratulated her mother and noted that they understand from whom such beautiful facial features of the star are very similar to each other.

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