«Georgiana Rodriguez revealed interesting news»: she spoke about the pause in relations with Ronaldo

She was a saleswoman and he was one of the most famous football players.🧐

The beautiful and interesting love story of Georgiana Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit like a fairy tale.

The girl was an ordinary saleswoman and he was a famous football player in the world.

In reality, they had to overcome various difficulties. The reason for their separation was the stroke of Rodriguez’s father, who was in prison. Her relationship with her father was difficult.

Since childhood, the girl has always seen very little of her father. But this touching news was a source of sadness for Rodriguez.

«I was sometimes sad. Cristiano was busy with his games. Our romance could have ended completely, but we met at one of the events. We saw each other and he invited me to dinner, then I realized that this was my chance», she says.

«I understand very well what it means to have nothing and what it means to have everything», she says. Cristiano also said that he immediately fell in love with her.

«I had feelings. I couldn’t forget about her».

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