«She always hid her daughter’s face»: the paparazzi photographed Naomi Campbell with her daughter

The last time such pictures were taken was a year ago when the girl was little.😳

Naomi Campbell always didn’t want to show her daughter in public, but no matter how hard she tried to do it, the paparazzi were able to notice her with her daughter.

The main movie event of the year took place in Cannes. But between these events, the film screenings star was able to celebrate the holiday with friends, the celebration was on the yacht where they were.

Naomi covered her daughter’s face with a towel, but the photographers were able to take several pictures that show her face. The last time the paparazzi took such pictures was a year ago when the girl was still very little.

Back in 2021, she announced that she was expecting her first child, but she did not specify whether she gave birth to her or a surrogate mother. The girl’s name is not even known.

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