The Resilience of Nirvana: A Dog’s Unwavering Loyalty Despite Abandonment

This dog was abandoned on the curb with all her belongings.🥺

Nirvana’s family left the dog with a blanket and some food next to a car wash and the dog snuggled up and waited for their return and never complained about her living conditions.

Speaking to Dodo, Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, revealed that when they found her she was lying there for two days.

The people at the car wash noticed the dog lying there and when they saw that he was running out of food they filled in her supply and contacted the rescue station.

Besides eating the food, the dog spent her day sleeping and even though she slept during those two days, she was exhausted when Hall arrived.

Hall revealed that the dog was sleepy and worn out due to waiting for her family’s return.


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