«The moment I saw him, I had to take him home with me»: Animal rescuer saves an abandoned dog

A heartwarming and sweet story of an abandoned dog that gets saved.🥺😊

This poor little dog was abandoned on the streets and was terrified as he was left alone.

Despite the fact that he was abandoned he had so much love and care for others.

A video was shared on YouTube by Georgiana Neagu who works as an animal rescuer and found the dog when she was driving, and the little puppy run towards her vehicle. She stopped the car and went to the puppy who when seeing her started howling and whimpering.

When he was moved to a secure location, he began to show his love for Neagu. She says that the moment she saw the dog she knew that she has to take him home.

It is impossible to tell how the dog was left abandoned but now he is in a secure place and Neagu says that she will keep him until she finds a home where the dog can stay for good.


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