«It seems the end is near»: they report that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck want to break up

Potential divorce looms, according to an insider.🤔🤔

Recently everyone learned about the quarrels between singer Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck.

One insider says that they will soon have a divorce. At 50, Ben is younger than Jennifer and they say that he is less energetic than Jennifer.

Jennifer is very Positive, Yes, and energetic, she always strives for perfection, and Ben is a more calm person. He has to take care of the five children of his three from a previous marriage and Jennifer’s twins. These are additional requirements and he must deal with these high-energy problems.

Things got more complicated when Jennifer convinced her husband to collaborate on «Unstoppable» and as they prepared for filming, problems arose that led to tension between the couple.

They may be divorced after the project. A similar situation was with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who divorced after the joint film «Côte d’Azur».

Fans noticed some troubles like indifference from Ben. During the population events, they noticed that the couple always argue among themselves and they have some kind of family problems. Ben and Jennifer’s love story can end tragically.

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