«Her image surprised all»: the dress Angelina Jolie was like a nightgown and surprised the fans

Known for her outfits, the actress’s appearance this time puzzled the audience.🤔🤔

Once the paparazzi spotted Angelina Jolie at the airport and took a picture of her. She is always known for her unique outfits but this time she surprised fans. She was walking around the airport in a white dress that looked very much like a nightgown.

Jolie was happy with her outfit. She was with her daughter Zahara.

She loves to spend time with her eldest adopted daughter, maybe they should have fun and relax. Zahara is in college and lives far away, so Jolie misses her a lot.

That’s the reason why every time when Zahara has free time they go on a trip to relax together.

Jolie once took her daughter with her to discuss amendments to the law. Zahara always participates in charity events.

Often they travel with the eldest adopted son. Jolie and the son flew to Washington this year and attended a reception in honor of the President of South Korea. His son has a strong interest in Korean culture.

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