«It’s a very disappointing fact»: the children of Britney Spears do not want to communicate with her

It became known that Britney’s sons did not get in touch with her for almost a year.🤔

Recently, the incredible news about Britney Spears has left her fans saddened. There are rumors that she divorced her husband and her children do not want to communicate with her.

It became known that the sons have not communicated with their mother for almost a year.

It became clear that the children of Britney Spears do not respond to their mother’s messages and the last time the mother saw her sons was in 2022 at the beginning of the year.

In addition, her motherly skills were criticized by her ex-husband also expressed disapproval.

A video appeared on the Internet where Britney argues with her children.

All the fans are very worried about Britney’s life. She and Sam spend less time together so they often quarrel.

Fans are sad because there are problems with Britney’s personal life.

These problems have made everyone follow the singer’s life.

The public is watching if Britney finds some kind of support to overcome these obstacles.

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