«Incredibly young face»: this 64-year-old woman looks very much like her daughter

The woman has always been against surgeries and her beauty is impeccable.🧐

Meet the forever young woman who lives in California. She is 64 years old but she looks very young. When she walks on the street with her 34-year-old daughter everyone thinks they are either friends or sisters. She has never had plastic surgery but her beauty is just gorgeous.

She wants to keep her beauty naturally. When she was 16 she worked as a model and always led a healthy lifestyle. Then she had a daughter when she was 30.

She has been practicing yoga for the past few years and eating fish food. The most important thing about her beautiful appearance is taking care of herself.

For her, the most important thing in life is to maintain a balance, including nutrition and exercise, which is why she looks just great at that age.

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