This creative owner built a room for a cat like Jerry’s room in the cartoon

He had a goal to create his own bedroom for the cat.😊

One day Brian’s family adopted a cute cat. This cat was so curious that he began to look after squirrels and birds that were sitting at the window.

Then winter came and almost all the birds flew to warmer places and the cat was left alone.

The creative owner came up with something so that the cat would not feel lonely. The cat liked his idea and was curiously looking at the TV that the owner put in the room. The owner has a goal to build a room for the cat, as in the famous cartoon.

How long did it last, but the result was very beautiful. In a small room, the owner installed a bed and decorated the walls, and then he put a small TV there, in order for the cat to watch interesting funny videos, the cat felt great.

According to the owner, the cat spends a lot of time in the room and as a result, this story of a lonely cat turned into a real fairy tale for him.

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