The most adorable German Shepherd puppy was born in the USA and surprised everyone

German Shepherd had puppies but one of the puppies turned out to be green.😊🥰

Once in the USA, a German Shepherd gave birth to bright offspring, it turned out that one puppy of a unique color.

A cute puppy that was green was called Hulk. The owner was a little scared of the appearance of this puppy, but then the experts looked examined the dog and said that he was absolutely healthy, and the green color would go away after bathing.

This is a German shepherd for the first time in her life became a mother and gave birth to 8 cute puppies.

Hulk was born the fourth and surprised his family. He has a very funny character. Many people who saw a green puppy on television wanted to adopt a baby.

The owner does not yet know who she will give this unique puppy to. She believes that the puppy is still very small and should stay with his mother for now.

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