When they saw a bear floating with a plastic jar on its head, the family immediately came to the rescue

It was a very strange creature so they decided to find out what they were seeing.🧐

One day the family decided to relax and go fishing, but they didn’t even imagine what will be.

The man with his wife and son was fishing, when they suddenly noticed something strange in the water.

They approached a strange creature and found out that it was a bear with a plastic jar on his head. The bear could not breathe and it was very difficult to swim. The family risked their lives and helped the bear cub.

It was a very risky act, finally, the man got to the jar and pulled it out of the bear’s head.

Very beautiful and incredible story. Wife filmed a video and posted it on social networks. Everyone wrote good comments. The woman said that the bear finally reached the shore.

Thanks to this and a kind family.

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