The Heartwarming Journey of Ivy: How Monika and the Rescue Team Saved a Stranded Baby Deer

She even went to ask for help from people😊😊

Monika received a call one day from a group of people, who wanted to hear her advice. They discovered a baby deer in the woods and the baby was also stranded in the water. She needed help.

After helping the deer get out of the water Monika advised them to leave the deer next to the rescue and her mother would come back and take her away.

But after many hours they saw, that the mother didn’t come. And once more the baby went to the side, where she could hear the people, and asked for help.

The baby was so tired and small, that she couldn’t even walk. And when she arrived at the people they understood, that they must do something to rescue her life.

So they considered taking the puppy to Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary to Monika, which they considered the best place for her. Monika and the rescue team saw, that the baby was hydrated by feeding the milk and considered caring for her.

And the team immediately understood that the baby was overjoyed to have been rescued by them. They named her Ivy and started helping her recover.

And soon after rescuing Ivy Monika received another call, that said a young buck had been found and they immediately considered putting him with Ivy to help them interact.

Thanks to Monika and the other volunteers’ efforts both babies soon recovered and became perfectly healthy. And Monika understood it was the perfect time for the deer to return back to the wild and get used to their lives.

This sanctuary is a nonprofit organization, that helps animals get back to health.

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