«Photos of a young Irina Shayk»: a beautiful model showed fans her pictures from the past

All fans immediately noted the incredible resemblance of Irina to her mother.😍

Probably everyone in the world is well aware of the beautiful supermodel Irina Shayk. She showed fans what she was like in childhood.

The photo clearly shows little Irina with her mother. She is incredibly similar to her beautiful mother. The model posted a photo on social networks and signed: «Childhood without cameras …».

«What a beautiful mother», «She just looks very much like her mother», «I like her mother more than the model herself», «Now we understand whom the beautiful supermodel looks like», «Flawless beauty», such comments were written by fans.

Shayk was born in Russia. After school she worked in a modeling firm, then she won a beauty contest and became a supermodel.

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