«They achieved their goal together»: this sweet and wonderful couple were able to lose almost 200 pounds together

People should help each other both verbally and practically.🥰🧐

It is difficult for every person to find any motivation to change their appearance. People should be supported by friends and family and if they help them then people want to achieve their goal.

Once Sarah was 220 kg and Daniel was 127 kg. The man always tried to be close to his girlfriend, to hug her but he didn’t succeed. Sarah wanted to lose weight and she was able to drop 135 kg.

The girl swore that she would definitely lose weight with her husband. But for her the result was simply magnificent.

She didn’t think that they would achieve their goal so quickly.

Sge says that her husband never forced her to be thin. He always loved her despite being overweight.

She talks about their success in social networks.

Now the husband weighs 87 kg and the wife weighs 83, but her goal is to be 80.

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