«Incredibly, he surprised everyone»: a seven-year-old boy was able to set a world record in the 100 m.

He is the world record holder in his age group.😊👏

Once a boy named Rudolf was born. He became a record holder at the age of 7, he was able to set this record in the 100 m in 13.48 seconds. This is the reason why he is called «Flame».

Rudolph is a track and field athlete; he is very good at football thanks to his quick movement. Of course he studies very well at school and pleases his father.

He started doing it at the age of 4. In his entire sports career he was able to win 36 medals 20 of which are gold. The boy even won the «Heisman Trophy» prize.

He is the pride of his father who always supports his son. Rudolph received awards for his field and in the future he wants to beat Usain Bolt’s world record.

Of course, he has many new records ahead of him, this is just the beginning because he is very small. We wish him good health and much success.

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