Wonderful and faithful dog walked 62 miles in 2 weeks to be reunited with owners

This cute Golden Retriever turned out to be too devoted.😊🐶

Everyone knows that dogs are very loyal animals. But this golden retriever turned out to be completely loyal.

Once the dog lost his adoptive parents and was able to walk 62 miles in 14 days to find them. In the end, the dog was able to find his city and did not get lost.

When the dog was very tired and lay in front of the building, a group of workers noticed her. They decided to help.

The dog’s family did not want to leave him but they just decide to renovate the house, so they moved to another city. But they could not take the dog with them and asked a friend to take care of it about the puppy.

The friend called the dog’s family a few months later and said that the dog was missing.

The family was very sad and thought that they would never find the dog, but the kind workers who found the puppy took photos and posted them on a popular application in China.

Thanks to this owners found their beloved dog. When they reunited with the dog they promised that they would never leave her alone again.

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