«She is simply gorgeous»: Heidi Klum at 48 showed fans that she is beautiful even without makeup

The model posted another video on her Instagram profile.😍

Heidi Klum is a famous model who conquers everyone with her beauty. She looks great and most of the time she publishes photos without makeup because she always uses  Photoshop. Once she posted the video on social media.

It was known that a beautiful model does not even go to a hairdresser or a makeup artist. She does everything herself.

In this video that she published on social networks, she was completely without makeup.

The fans were delighted with her appearance. All thought that she could at least use some filters. But in fact, the famous model looks very young. She used a curling iron to give volume to her hair and applied natural makeup.

She was at the premiere and was in a black outfit. The model looked just gorgeous and was at the center of the attention of the guests.

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