«She achieved her goal»: this woman was able to lose 100 kg and turn into Barbie

Sometimes people find their sources of motivation even in the details.🧐😊

Here is a unique strong and self-confident girl who was able to change her life.

She was inspired by her favorite Barbie doll. She was a fat girl and everyone laughed at her because of her extra weight.

But one day she decided that she should become like her Barbie doll.

One day she decided that she should change the shape of her body and enjoy life. She was able to achieve her goal. At first, it was very hard for her she worked hard but now she is proud of her figure.

She weighed 155 kg but she managed to lose 90 kg. She advises everyone that if a person wants to achieve his goal, then he can do it. She says that the motivation to change her life influenced her so much that she became self-confident.

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